Would love advice

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) Blenders. I just need some loving advice. I've written here before so this might overlap but I am in a serious mindf***. I have been working out with FB since 2017 and it was 5 days a week. During the pandemic when I was at home all day every day I upped it to 6 days a week with the 6th day being light cardio, recovery workouts, or Pilates. I am now back at work. Today will be my 6th day of working out and I just don't feel like it but I feel SO GUILTY for not doing something even light, like a Kelli walking video.

I KNOW it's okay to not do something but I am pretty sedentary during the day and feel bad if I don't even do a walking exercise when I get home. My friend said I don't need to work out 6 days a week and I should take those two days off but I feel super guilty if I just get home and relax the rest of the night since I was mostly sedentary at work.

Any loving advice? Should I suck it up and get some movement in?