Daily Check-in: Thursday, November 11th

Hello, Blenders!

And a special hello and happy birthday to our amazing Alexi! Happy birthday, Alexi! I hope you have a great day and maybe a happy dance or two on those new floors you got!

Okay, Blenders, what's the current workout and food scoop? ..To go back to yesterday, I actually subbed out both core workout options for Tasha's latest core circuit. It was a perfect option to choose regarding my time constraints and what I felt like doing as far as difficulty. Certainly got a core burn! Now for today, I will be working out with Kelli and food is just kinda unknown at this point. I do love a good mystery, but this is kinda ridiculous.🙈

What's not a mystery is who our ghost (guest host) will be for this weekend. Lea, if you are still good for it, we'd love to have you! ..But after that I'm all out. So if anyone would like a turn at hosting future weekends, let me or Kim know!

Now our picture for today is some Horsemint and its lilac colored bracts. I've shared it before, but it's that time of year the woods be smelling spicy. Kinda like oregano/minty vibes when crushed. Good for smelling, but not eating. That's some real Horsemint for ya.

And before we set off for the day, I want to mention a happy Veterans Day for those of us in the USA! ..A heartfelt mention and of course not enough words to express my appreciation to every and anyone who has and is serving. You will never be unnoticed. Your service and sacrifice is the reason we are and what we have today. So the simplest words to any Veterans out there; Thank. You.

Have a good day guys.




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