HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 11th

Hello dear Blenders.

It's Singles Day, which always confuses me a bit - apparently aimed at people who are single, but some stores turn it into a "treat yourself and buy as many stuff as you can with a discount!!!"-feast. Shortly before we will be bombarded with Black Friday, Cyber Monday... We also have Sinterklaas here on 5 December. 😵

For some inspiration today I picked this poem from Rumi. I’m sure some of you will already be familiair with it. I do think it’s easier said than done, but I like the idea.

Yesterday I did a 50-minute kundalini yoga (as a newbie yogi I am still not 100% sure what kundalini is, exactly – yoga seems like the French kitchen to me, so many difficult terms). It felt like an actual workout – my arms got tired! Today I’ve walked about an hour total and after posting this I will do some relaxing yoga, because visiting the drugstore, as I did this morning, wears me out. 🥱

What is your exercise for today, or is it a rest day?

I like to hear from you. Wishing everyone a pleasant day.