New FB Plus Workout: 25-Min Quick Core Finisher Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

We’ve got another new workout release for you today:

Quick Core Finisher Circuits

This short, core-focused workout is a great add-on to the end of a HIIT, strength, or cardio routine during which there is not a targeted core segment. The workout begins with a quick activation sequence to warm-up the core for maximum engagement in the subsequent circuits and ends with a one-minute plank finisher. You will complete three rounds of each of the main circuits (of which there are two) for both a strength and endurance challenge for your core. Make sure to read the write-up for a few form tips as well as some information on just how important core strength is for total body function.

If you have an hour to devote to exercise, this workout pairs well with one of our latest free workouts, Descending Intervals Bodyweight HIIT Circuits. This HIIT workout is difficult enough to challenge you but leaves you with energy to finish with some core-focused work.

I hope that you will add this short yet efficient routine to your weekly rotation of core workouts! I’m curious…does anyone else pre-game before a workout with “pump-me-up” jams? I have always played music before working out on my own, teaching a class, and now filming videos to get my mind in a good space before tackling a workout. In every workout I film, there is usually a song stuck in my head while I’m talking to you!

Enjoy the workout!