My Workout and My Day

I'm still doing my workouts everyday and I'm almost done with finishing another challenge for Fitness Blender and I'm going to be starting the new challenge that came out. I've been keeping up with my work at school and turning in my work on time and making sure to get everything done on the assignment, sometimes I have to look over it twice before turning it in to the teacher. I've also been keeping up on my grades in all of my classes too and making sure if I have any missing assignment's, I talk to my teacher about them and then turn it in to them again.

Sometimes the teachers will give us a lot schoolwork to do in one day and sometimes it will take us more than one day to turn it in to the teacher. Just like today one of my teachers gave me a lot of work to do that will take me one more day to finish it and turn it in to her on time, others it might not take them as long to turn it in to the teacher on time. Other times it will take us a certain period of time to do a certain assignment if the teacher says, it will take a long time to finish or it may not take as long to finish it who knows maybe we don't know of how long it will take us to finish it on time.