HKS (Healthy, Kind and Support) Accountability Group, 29th Oct 2021

Hey there Blenders,

It is finally FriYay and this makes me happy! Today, I am covering for Ashley who is off to a trip to Rome -expecting some awesome pics here next week :)

We had an autumn party yesterday in my school for all the staff, around 150-200 folks, free alcohol and Middle Eastern Mezze buffet (it was delicious!). In parallel, the students had their Halloween party -they were coming to the party when I was leaving at 11 pm! Anyways, I was not only anxious but also hesitant about the party. But my peers really nudged me to go, and I ended up having such a great time. Then I felt what was I so anxious about? And this isn't the first time. Maybe I should be more open to things mentally and put myself at ease, when eventually I end up having a good time.

What do you think? How do you go about (recurring) situations that made you anxious but turned out fine. Would love to know a good way to deal with this :)

I have this urge to go running this weekend, but I haven't since I injured my back close to 2 years ago. About time, maybe? Anyways I am running for bus every morning, haha!

That's about it from me. Over to you now. Please feel free to join us in these daily accountability threads. I find them a great way to maintain my motivation for both physical and mental health. Of course, you can lurk :)

Thank you for checking in with me today. I wish everyone a good weekend :)

ETA: Calvin and Hobbes are one of my favorite cartoon characters! My Desktop background is these two chilling on a tree. Only this morning someone said, "oooh, like your background!"