Perspiration Pals October 26th, 2021

Hey there P Pals,

How are we doing this Tuesday? Here, the rain has either taken a break or given us one, so I see patchy blue sky.

In other news, after much noise about it, I started watching this documentary -very dark and weird. In 10 mins, I shut it down and it made me feels the creeps for rest of the evening, and much of my sleep. To compensate, later I watched an episode of FRIENDS.

Anyhoo, the meme is a fun take for the spooky season.

Still no workouts since last Monday's fall. But I don't feel good not working out.. Sorry twin, I really wanted to be your workout buddy and keep up 😶

Some Cookie musings: Man, this kid has become a mischievous lil devil. So the automatic petfeeder machine I had, has a "Feed" button on the front (speak of design fail!!!), so when I came back after shower last evening, I was like how come she isn't asking for food!! She figured out pushing that "Feed" button gives her food! Although lil devil only ate exactly her normal portion --but I had to fix this now! I will post a pic in the evening, of what I had to do to solve this problem! smart lil Cookie monster!

That's it from me, over to you now. Please feel free to pop by and come say hello, or more. More than welcome to just lurk as well. We welcome everyone in these daily threads.

Thank you for checking in with me today! Have a pleasant day everyone :)

ETA: Checkout the pic in comments