Perspiration Pals Monday October 25th 🛌☔🕯📖

Hi PPals and welcome to Monday. I'm coming to you from the opposite and less beloved end of the week as Sharon and I are swapping days. Hopefully this turn of events doesn't make your Monday any more dismal than perhaps it already is 😅.

Speaking of dismal, that was my sleep last night. I switched between unpleasant dreams and laying awake listening to the rain. It's still rainy now. Happily, today starts a week and a half off of work for me and now that the kids are off to school, I can climb right back into bed for a bit.

Today's plans include making dough for Halloween cookie cutouts and some tomato soup. I should also do some cleaning, but you read the meme 😉. We'll see.

And on my FB calendar is a stretching routine, which seems perfectly suited to today. I think I will swap out the video that's there for a new stretch video with Kayla.

Over to you Pals. Tell me what you are looking forward to on this Monday. Furry Trainer pictures are always welcome by this crowd too. And remember, this forum is open to all!