HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 23rd🍃🍂

Hello Blendfriends, welcome to another lovely October weekend! I love the feeling of this month -- cooler, with crisp clear nights (well, if it stopped raining) and brisk mornings. I'm sitting in front a window looking at the early light as the sun spreads across the field and starts to warm things up for the day. It is inspiring me to get warmed up and get moving! It was amazing to spend two days out among humans at a kiosk and an all-day, in-person meeting, but the difference in schedules has disrupted my routine, and I always like morning workouts best.

As Mark Twain once said, "The secret to getting ahead is getting started." So here goes! Day 3 of Beginner Challenge has choices, and I've been looking forward to them 😀 After that, there will be all the fun weekend things. This is the last weekend of the community garden, so I'll need to harvest and clear out the plot. That means I'll harvest a bit of swiss chard (for quiche!) and a whole lot of kale, as well as delicious lemon verbena for herbal teas all winter.🥬🥬🌿 If I'm brave, I'll dig up and bring home a few plants of kale to plant in my tiny backyard plot; I can harvest that until the snow covers it up.

What will you get started today?

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