Perspiration Pals - October 22nd

Hi there FB community friends. This will be the last Friday thread I host since Sharon and I are swapping days after this week.

I haven't had time to check in or even read up over the past two days because of work and life craziness. I'm sure Ivett kept you all entertained (and maybe stumped). I hope everyone has been happy and well. I'd love to read what's going on with you today, so don't be shy and chime in below!

Workout-wise, I've got day 18 of Complete ahead this early morning. It's total body week and today is a recovery workout. Yesterday I was happy to do one of my absolute favorite total body strength videos. I know it happens to be Lynna's least favorite workout. Luckily, FB has so much variety there's enough to suit everyone.

On and off for the past several months I've been struggling with some body image issues (and I think I'm not alone in this). But I think I've turned a corner in my thinking. I feel good and I feel healthy. Why should I let it get me down if pants I wore 10 years ago aren't as comfortable anymore? Our bodies do change, and should change, throughout our whole lives. Why would I expect my body in my 40's to be the same as my body in my 20's? In a show I watched a long time ago, a character said "Growing old is a privledge." If I'm lucky enough to grow old, do I want to beat myself up the whole way? Nah. I'm in no place to give anyone advice, but if you're here, you're doing something right and you are awesome.

End ramble.

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary and we're going to celebrate with dinner at our favorite local restaurant. And if I want dessert, I'm gonna get dessert 😉.

Picture below of a cheeky someone who is ready for tricks or treats.

Happy FriYay!