Taking a Little Break!

I’m pretty consistent with my workouts. I almost always follow FB programs and do a great job keeping up. I’ve kept up this habit for about 3 years now!

A few times a year, I loose motivation. It’s certainly not an issue of over-training. Since I follow programs, I only do a sensible amount. For the past few months, my motivation for doing hard workouts has been lower. I’ve tended toward the low impact modifications, which I know is still great! But now, for the past month or so, my motivation so complete my workouts at all is a lot lower. I’ve only been doing 3 a week. I know 3 a week is still great, it’s just not my goal. I’m also having a hard time with starting a program, skipping a few days, beating myself up about it, and getting mad.

So, I have a new plan for this week. Everyday I will just ask my body what it wants. If I want to do something, I will do it. It will probably be a lot of non-FB stuff. Like taking a bike ride or walk. I also might get excited by new content (as I sometimes do) and decide my body wants to do that.

So the point is, this week I will focus on NOT having a plan.

I’ve done this before and I find it really helps to get a little break. Wish me luck!