Weekend 👻checkin: Sunday 17-10

Hello all you lovely blenderbuddies once again. How’s this Sunday finding you? While I am typing this, my husband is making my lunch which we will eat out in the garden, considering the sun has come out. Are you enjoying the weather, whatever that may be in your neck of the woods?!

Workout: just cycled back from our Sunday morning club’s seaswim. I can’t say it was a relaxing swim as the wind, waves and current were against us, so I feel that 20 mins of that entitles me to a workoutcomplete ✅! What about your Sunday calendar? Is it a relaxing activity, whatever that might be for you? Or a very strenuous activity? Remember anything goes as far as activity or non-activity is concerned.

Food: well, hubs is cooking tonight. He mentioned wraps, so I am totally fine with that. Actually I am totally fine with anything not cooked by me… we have a friend coming over for dinner and board fames afterwards. Some sweet goodies are lined up for afters. What about your food today? Anything nice and exciting or something lovely and comforting?

Photo: this cloudscape met us as we were walking down to get into the water. The sea looks calmer than it was though 😱🤣! A few minutes later the view was totally different again … that’s what I love about cloudscapes: they are forever changing and beautiful.

Well, lovely people, my lunch is waiting. Looking forward to reading all your bits and pieces.