The need for rest 😴

Our bodies are amazing! But, they can only be pushed so far. Mine finally clonked out on me two weeks ago (after Denny passed). As such, I listened to my body and took it easy. Really easy.

I chose two 2-week challenges for the beginning of October (FB 20 and FB Stretch). I completed both last night. I truly benefited from the reduction in difficulty (going from high-impact HIIT to low impact).

From all the stress, I ended up with an upper respiratory infection. I am on steroids and oxygen and am doing better.

On a (strangely) good note, my period returned. I dread it, as I have menorrhagia, but, as it had been absent for almost 4 months, I was worried. I guess the high-intensity workouts with no true breaks really did me in!

All of this to say: Rest is essential! It does the mind, body, and spirit good. 😊

*Here’s to Denny. The cute reason for my stress.

I love you, little guy. πŸ’• Until we meet again. ✝️