Weekend 👻checkin Saturday 16-10

Hello all you lovely blenderbuddies. Here’s me sitting in a gorgeous October sunshine, typing this this checkin. How’s life finding this Saturday halfway through October already? Right….

Workouts: what are you doing today? Having a much needed rest day? Or a much needed hiit or strength day? Whatever’s going for you and your body, let me know! I am having a rest day. I was supposed to do another nature conservation task, but this morning my body said: NO! So I slept in till 9.30, which is highly unusual, but tells me I needed that very much… the weather was too nice not to have a very relaxing seaswim though. And you? What activity do you find relaxing?

Food: my turn to cook, so nothing planned as yet. There is beetroot in the fridge, so I might do roasted beetroot, apple, onion and potato with goats cheese and walnut topping, plus a bit of balsamic vinegar drizzle. Wow, that’s quite a lot of writing about food from me… what about you? Are you having some nice nourishing and reviving food today? Lots or little planned?

Photo: I finished this 2000 piece jigsaw yesterday. I was in a “love/hate” relationship with this one. I cursed it many times, more than I praised it. But now that it’s finished… wow, I love it. My son gave it as a birthday present (I had asked for a 1000 piece jigsaw of this favourite pic of me, but he decided I needed more of a challenge… he was cursed a lot during the process!). So I started this on June 29th and only finished it yesterday 😱… Do you have any love/hate relationships like that? Either workoutwise or otherwise?

Let’s hear it from you! Enjoy whatever is left of you Saturday or a good night’s sleep if that’s what is left.