Perspiration Pals Friday 10/15/21 😼👻

Happy Friday all! I'm afraid I'm pressed for time this morning so let's get right down to it.

So tell us all about your day's workout below. I know we have quite a few Pals doing programs at the moment. How about you? Is it a program, freestyle, or rest kind of day? For me, it was a program/freestyle combo the past two days, subbing in new workouts for been there, done that workouts in Complete.

I have no idea what's for dinner today, I'm relying on you guys to provide inspiration below!

Finally, I'm pretty sure for those of you who have known the joys (and terrors) of sharing your home with cats, the meme needs no explanation. Suffice it to say, my kitties like to make sure that spooky season is suitably spooky.

Remember all are welcome to post or read!