HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 15th

I almost forgot that I am Friday! Good thing I am several hours ahead of most of you so you won't even notice.

Happy Friday to everyone!

The thought of the day - "Be like a postage stamp, Stick to a thing until you get there". I thought it was kind of funny and cute and true! Be like that stamp. stick to your goals, it is ok if you get a bit tattered or dirty along the way, you will make it there just have faith. And even if you get lost along the way you will eventually get there and maybe even learn something new!

What is your Friday looking like?

I had recovery day this morning so 30 minutes of stretching. My body wanted it after yesterdays workout. I was feeling quite tight this morning. I will enjoy my accupressure mat later today as well.

Dinner problems were solved and someone else took care for last night and it made leftover for tomorrow. We also made a week plan and will get some groceries. We will have a few FB recipes!

Otherwise, I hope for a fast day so I can get out of here and enjoy what looks to be a sunny Friday.

I wish everyone has a great day and remember feel free to participate, just lurk, share a lot or share a little. Everyone is welcome!