HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 14th

Hello everyone.

Because I found it hard to come up with a inspirational quote today, I decided to post another collection of Teppie moods (she's very expressive so it's easy to collect pictures). If you like, pick the mood that most describes your own today. I’ll leave it to you to name the moods as different people will see different emotions 🙂

Cranky this morning; another night of bad sleep. Again the laundry machine (it sounds like it’s about to take off), but also talking around 1:30 and at 6 I woke because of more talking and laughing. I’m getting a little desperate here. Seems like I can’t get a good night’s rest in my own home and that saddens me. I tried to repeat a mantra in my head that was in one of the yoga videos I did, “The universe is for me and so is everything else”, but it’s hard to believe on such a night. I even did a meditation before bed.

So I’d say my mood right now is a combination of the Teppie in the middle of the top row (evil stare), the one bottom left (sheer madness – see the little teeth) and the one bottom right (“are you for real?”). Also because I feel communication with people is difficult at the moment and I am wondering excessively if I don’t say the wrong things and annoy people.

I’ll stop now – tell me about your day. Were you able to get in some exercise? Tried any of the new workouts? Interesting new chocolate?

If anyone has a good quote to share, please do. I feel bad about not having something positive to share here, apart from the cat pictures.

Hope you all have the best day possible. 🌞 Well-wishes to everyone who's struggling.