Perspiration Pals 14 October 2021

Hello there Pals! And whose birthday is it today? I’ll tell you. It’s my susjeda’s (neighbour). We haven’t seen our lovely chocolate-lover friend for a while so if you’re reading this, susjeda, I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope life is going your way and you’re happy. Here’s a cake for you.

Yesterday, we played ‘would you rather’ and apparently push-ups aren’t very popular. I can understand that. Today, I thought I ask you an interesting question. It has got to do with strength and flying because watching Lucifer and his angel brothers spreading their wings got me thinking. (I’m one of those frustrating and annoying person who wants fiction but also wants it to be absolutely believable and logical. So if humans developed wings, how long would our wings need to be to fly? And do you think we would be too large to fly or too weak to fly?

I’m going to walk a lot today (not out of fun) so I wouldn’t mind having wings… I think it’ll be either core or upper-body scheduled for today and since I did HIIT yesterday I hope today’s routine is pure strength. And then I can fly, fly away…

Anyway, I must dash because I have a lot to do today so if you don’t hear from me I’ll probably be drowning in them.