Functional fitness… thank you Kayla for your article.

Bramble attack: three and a half hours of slashing, lopping, cutting with shears, pulling, dragging as well as lifting pitchforks full of brambles. I think that can definitely be called functional fitness. My glasses were steaming up, as I was sweating like anything. After we cleared the one wall, we cut down the branches of a budleia growing out of the wall (before/after pic in replies). It has really mangled the wall, the budleia that it, not us! With just the two of us for this task, I think I am entitled to say #functionalfitnessworkout✅

Having read Kayla’s article yesterday, I felt my core engage most of the time. I also made sure I changed sides, i.e. slashing with my right side as well as my left side. I was also very consciously trying to keep my back straight while pulling to unravel the brambles, lifting them on the pitchfork etc. I thought of Kayla’s article a lot today, but didn’t quite manage the straight back all the time, considering the brambles weren’t giving in that easily! A real “functional fight” it was…. 🤔🤣