New FB Plus Workout: Remove-One Style Total Body Workout

Good morning FB Family!

Today’s workout release has been a popularly requested format:

Remove-One Style Total Body Strength and Cardio Circuit with Bodyweight Strength Finisher

A follow up to the Add-On Style Total Body Cardio Circuit with Core and Lower Body Strength Finisher workout, in this “remove-one” style routine, your longest interval is the first round during which you complete all eight exercises back-to-back with no break between moves. As you progress through the Main Circuit of exercises, you will remove/drop off the last exercise of the preceding round until you reach the round of one exercise. This time around we incorporate the use of weights - you will alternate between bodyweight and loaded movements in the Main Circuit. Please make sure to read the write-up for tips on how to make this workout a great experience for you!

I had tons of fun filming this workout and didn’t know that my eyeballs could sweat that much. I was skating around on a slip-and-slide of sweat. I apologize in advance for the large number of “Whew!” noises I let out throughout the workout.

I’m currently working on my process for creating and filming workout content so that I can find a super-efficient rhythm of production. I’m that person who loves any and all things related to organizing and increasing effectiveness. My excitement over introducing a new whiteboard to my filming setup was next level. Producing more workout content means sitting down at my desk to edit more workout content so Kayla’s Thoracic Mobility Stretches for Desk Posture came at the right time for me!

I hope everyone enjoys this workout! Take each interval at your own pace and always know that you can pause me whenever you need a break.

Looking forward to reading about your experiences,