Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Wednesday 10/13/21

Good day FB Foodies.

Hope your week is going well. We are on the hump and it's a downhill slide into the weekend. Yay! Last night "In the Kitchen" was a slight tweak on Chicken Scallopini. We do not have any white wine in the house, so, Merlot it was.

Thinly cut chicken breast lightly floured and seasoned then sauteed on high heat for a couple minutes each side. Removed and set aside to keep warm. In go the crimini mushrooms until browned. Add garlic and heat an additional minute. Deglaze with the red wine and lemon. Add back in some chicken stock and the chicken. Along with a smidge of flour. Let the chicken heat through flipping once. After the alcohol has burned off, remove from heat and stir in some pats of butter to thicken the sauce. Served over al dente linguine.

What did/do you have going on "In the Kitchen?" Family meal, friends over, just you and yours (or you)? Share with the gang all your successes and failures to inspire. Have a blessed and prosperous day!