Just a quick hello: life update & unexpected weight loss

Hello all Blendies!

Just a quick hello to everybody. I haven't been around here for a couple of months now. I read some of your posts though.

I quitted my old job in a high-end pastry shop and started a new job on September 13, 2021. I mentionned this in Storm's ans Ivett's post.

So, few things have changed.


• Working on terrain, staying on my feet all day, with direct (physical) contact with customers where I had the control.

• Enduring a lot of physical efforts on a daily basis that has aggravated my lower back pain.

• Doing only short and light workouts as I was already exhausted after work + a lot of Yin Yoga.

• Experiencing weight gain (approx. 5 to 6 kg). I was around 65 to 66 kg for the past 4 years.

• Having a different schedule everyday (morning shift today, afternoon shift the next day) and getting up on "normal" hours.


• Having a (stressful) desk job without direct physical contact with customers where I have no control at all. But I still get up from my chair multiple times a day to check things with my co-workers.

• Being under pressure and enduring quite a lot of mental challenge dealing with VVIP guests on the phone almost non-stop taking food orders and other requests for room service purposes, switching from English to French and back and forth all day (both languages are not my mother tongue). The good news is: my lower back pain is almost gone now.

• Doing short and light workouts (I'm still trying to find the good rythm and adapt to my new schedule) and some Yin Yoga here and there.

• Experiencing weight loss (around 2 to 3 kg in a month) though I basically don't consider 2 to 3 kg as a real weight loss since we all know that our weight fluctuates a lot especially for women. I'm now somewhere around 62 to 63 kg.

• Having a steady schedule everyday for now (early morning shift everday that makes me wake up at 4 a.m. to get at my work at 6:30 sharp).

Well, that's all from me, folks. Hope you're all in good health. Tell me about your day, achievements, harvest from your garden, yummy food from your kitchen, hugs with your cats/dogs, etc...

Take care and have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are!