Kelli's new 30 min Cardio W/o complete!

so both back when i lost weight 12yrs sgo and walked away from my abusive relationship 9 yrs ago i did a lot of work on myself. - to lose weight you got to get your head straight!

while ive been away from here dealing with work i did a lot more work on myself. because although the sciatica was a symptom of stress i really was pushing my body to the was that gym mentality of - well the class is today at this time and if i dont take it i miss it.

but ive spent a lot of time reading and taking to heart what Kelli says about her journey and listening to yourself and also the articles the experts post.

ive gotten better at listening to my body and the signals it sends. so even though i need to keep up a routine, just because im doing strong, flex, etc, if like today i am sore from yesterday i no longer feel guilty about taking a break and doing some cardio!

this really was a fun routine and i am a fan of the bored easily format!

counting today 8 bus days left at my old job!

have a great day all!