Perspiration Pals 13 October 2021

Hello Pals! First things first, I know it’s only afternoon where you live Lynna but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Birthevening more like. I’ve baked a virtual gluten free cake which you’ll find in the comments section. I hope you’ve had a nice day so far full of adventures (good ones) and Max& the Colonel remembered your birthday too and gave you scratchy and slimy kisses. (Although to be honest, I can’t imagine the Colonel giving you kisses…)

So last time we were talking about hand-eye coordination (and my stupid little problem) so after some contemplation, (it may or may not have been serene contemplation) all I could come up is ‘should we talk about eyes or hands?’. Neither. I thought we haven’t played the ‘Would you rather..’ game for a long time so here it is. Would you rather run 8 kilometres (about 5 miles I think) or do 200 push ups? Why? Bonus question: Would you rather hold a plank for 2 minutes or wall sit for 2 minutes?

And what’s scheduled for today? Any of the exercises mentioned above? I’m doing Mass, you sinners, and I thought I was going to be sore from yesterday’s upper body with my favourite torturer but strangely, nothing. I know I should’ve done that cannonball shoulders routine too…

My mini lifebook says it’s Sceptics’ Day but I don’t believe it.