Oh my days. FBFit... the longest program completion time ever? NSV ^^

I finally did it. I incredibly, surprisingly, horrifyingly managed to complete FBFit for the first time, which was in my program library for as long as it existed. And not only that: I even did it in a timely manner. If you count 13 times the time it should have needed as timely. ... Yes, it took me nearly 2 years to get it done. (Oh boy)

Granted, I did do a ton of other workouts/2-week-programs/non-FB-moving-around during that time and do have a very active job lugging tires, engines and the like around but DEAR GOD, I never believed I'd finally do it. I started this program so often, did the first couple weeks, then quit and did something else. When I started it back in 2020, I vowed to finally complete it, at least this one time...

Well. :D Kinda nailed it?