New FB Plus Workout! 38 Minute Upper Body Split Back and Biceps Workout

Good Morning Everyone,

Today’s workout is part one of a three day upper body split workout. Read the workout description if you want to find out more about what a split routine is.

Upper Body 3-Day Split - Back and Biceps Strength Workout Split

The basics are that we have taken a traditional upper body workout and split the muscle groups out to three different days; Back and Biceps, Chest and Triceps, and Shoulders and Lats. For those of you looking to build strength and size this will definitely be a routine you will want to add to your calendar. It also works really well if you know you have weak spots that you want to target more intensely.

We will be releasing the other two workouts with this series over the coming weeks so be looking out for those soon.

Has anyone used a split style routine before? How did you split your workouts and how did you like it?

Hope you enjoy the workout,


P.S. Well mother nature decided to turn the heat off up here in the PNW. In a week we went from mid to high 70’s (20-27C) down to the 50’s (10C) with no sign of getting any more warm days until next summer. Time to break out the winter rain gear. Haha. How is the weather changing where you are?