My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was a upper body workout with Kellie and my arms had a good burn going on the entire time and let's just say that my arms were not very happy with me at all. Since I had the day off from school after I was done doing my morning chores, I went to work with my mom and helped her served the kids over at the middle school.

While I was there my mom fed me lunch and what the other kids had for lunch that's what I had, I also had a banana as a snack so I wasn't bored at all this morning. This afternoon after I had my snack I walk over 2 miles on the treadmill or over 2 and a half miles, but I didn't make it to 3 miles on the treadmill like I had planned to do. But I guess you could say that I had a very busy day around and away from the house today, and tomorrow will be another busy day for me but away from the house at school.