Family update!

So as some of you know, I have four kids ages 18, 15, 13, and 5. The teenagers all have depression and anxiety and don’t make good choices for their health (or maybe can’t, seeing as how they struggle with mental health.) I like to post updates in here about my attempts to be a good influence on them!

So long story short, I’ve been on a journey this past year to let go of my control over them. This includes their diet and exercise. I work really hard to make healthy food that everyone will like, but it never really works out. Someone always complains, and sometimes my dinners don’t get eaten. They do frustrating things like like a dish one day, then later they won’t touch it because their “taste buds change.” So awhile ago I started serving everything buffet style. I cook the items individually and leave them on the counter for the kids to arrange themselves. The problem is this creates a lot of dishes because I can’t just do like a one pot meal.

A few weeks ago I told them I’d like them to start cooking their own meals. Everyone, including my husband, hated this idea. They don’t want to do their own cooking, plus if they all cook their own food, that will still create a lot of dishes.

I could buy them microwaveable meals but those are never very good for you anyway.

I get so frustrated and resentful. I’m trying to be patient but man, teenagers are hard!

I guess I’m just venting here.