Week 40 goal evaluation

Winter is coming… The day is starting out dark again, I need to turn on a light to workout. I will be doing 30 minute workouts again soon. I did do one longer workout last week: a 40 minute Tasha workout. I enjoy her energy and workouts. Have you done some of her workouts yet? What do you think? Same for Kayla.. I have done some of Kayla’s workouts as well. I really like her PT way of looking at the exercises and how she makes sure we keep clean form. Her pace is a bit high for me sometimes, but that is when the pause button comes in handy..

My fruit goal is not going great.. I’ve had a not so great week foodwise. But I will be fine.

There is a 5 week competition that started at our bouldering hall this week. It works like at the Olympics. You can reach the “zone” (somewhere halfway/ past a difficult point in the boulderproblem) and the top. You can either flash it (do it the first attempt) or reach it. I’m participating in the beginner group, level 3+ to 5+, I am now almost last in the ranking (my son is the only one below me), but we are participating for fun.. I want to flash as many zones as possible.. The top is okay if I can’t flash those..

So goals this week: flash as many competition “zones”as possible.

Do an ankle workout at least twice this week to get my ankle back in shape.

Walk to work at least once this week.. I miss my walks, but have a hard time leaving in time.. I need to get that sorted.

What are you focussing on this week? A specific goal for the week, a monthly goal or a small step towards your bigger goal? Let me know!