Monday walk

It is a beautiful day! Not only did my mom have her last post-op check up for now, but the sun is out.. So we went to the checkup (next one is in november- on my birthday) and then we went for a walk. Another short one because my mom is still recuperating, but we walked for about an hour. We walked along the waterway. I took some pictures of the ships that go by there to show you. I felt like a tourist ;) It is the waterway from the nothsea to the Rotterdam harbour. Then we went through the park and we came across the playground where my niece loves to climb, I had to give it a go as well.

I've added another picture in the comments, shot from my moms appartment. They are digging a tunnel for traffic. The waterway is 33 meters deep (108 feet). Right now they are doing the work on land.. My mom takes a picture from the same place every day to record the progress.

Hope you all have an amazing day.