My Workout and My Day

I completed my workout for today. It was a strength and Pilates workout with Kellie and I'm sorry that I haven't been online for the past couple of days, but I have been very busy around the house. I have been so busy around the house that I'm wore out by the end of the day, I also helped my mom and Allen make applesauce today.

It's a long process to make it but it is a lot of fun to try and make it and I have never made applesauce before until now. I have also been walking on the treadmill as well and I'm up to walking 2 miles on it, but I think I'm going to try and walk 3 miles on it tomorrow. The nice thing is while I'm walking on it I can watch a movie or a tv show, so that way I don't get bored while I'm walking on it.

So I'm very happy when I get to walk on the treadmill and get some more exercise in for the day, because sometimes I won't be able to get in a walk at all.