HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 8th

Good Morning Blendfriends!

It is Friday! I hope everyone has a smooth transition to the weekend and a Happy Long Weekend to our Canadian friends celebrating Thanksgiving! I will also celebrate here in Germany with a roast chicken, some vegetables (not sure what) and a homemade pumpkin pie!

I missed my check in yesterday but wanted to share after a very stressful and late day I went for a run as soon as I got home. I decided on 5km and somehow I managed to get my best time of my whole life! 27:35. It is not crazy fast when you think how fast some people go but for me it is a huge accomplishment and a surprise. I think it was the warm up bike ride home and the adrenaline/stress of the day.

Today I had a nice recovery workout with Kellie and I will do a bit more when I get home including resting on my accupressure mat. What do you guys have going on today?

There is no thought of the day because well I couldn't find one. I thought maybe instead we can all just try to find something happy about the day besides the fact it is Friday. Share something nice and happy with us please! For me it is that I will get to chat to a friend in Canada tonight. With 9 hour time difference it makes it hard but I am so looking forward to see her face.

So let's start the weekend with happy warm feelings! Sending warm thoughts and strength to everyone who needs it!