So quickly I lost it!

A particular stressful week at my toxic workplace. Major gaslighting by my superior - again. She is relentless. Deadlines. After 2 months of basically sticking to a 6 days a week schedule I have not worked out for a week. I feel there is no time, but I made time for it before. I know it is good for me. It is interesting to me how this psychologically happened. I feel awful too, both physically and mentally. My birthday is coming up and I have like a curse, something bad always happens that day. Now we are renting a cabin by the sea and I will attempt to do my workouts even though there will be people and kids everywhere. Perhaps I can do it outside in the morning?

Curious about other people's experiences of stopping an exercise routine. It was a huge thing for me to start a healthy life and get stronger. Will try to get back on the horse today.