HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group October 7th

Hello dear Blenders.

Today’s quote is something that I kind of want on a T-shirt, as a reminder.

Just made a phone call to my dentist because I got an email with the request to give them a ring as there was something up with my photos. It sounded very ominous. My initial response was: 😲😨😭 In my head I was already planning a long string of appointments to treat multiple dental problems. However, I did not linger for too long before calling. This was the best I could do to not let my stress spiral out of control (even more). It turned out two little fillings were needed – not great, but way better than other scenarios I was already playing in my head. I was already running up the stairs (see quote). Or rather, I took the elevator! (Or the stairlift, like that scene in Gremlins where they sabotage it – you get my point: stress getting out of control FAST.)

I know I could, in theory, take more control over my thoughts to lessen anxiety and stress, but it feels nearly impossible most days. I am glad I was able to make the phone call quickly, though. That was me getting on the first step of the stairs.

How are you coping with those steps?

Also, what exercise are you getting in today? Wanted to remind whoever needs it today that a rest day is completely fine too.

I did a 10-minute light cardio yesterday, with the intention of doing a 10-minute lower body afterwards. This did not go well: I did finish the first workout (with effort), but felt so incredibly down that I decided to follow up with a short yoga session instead. Today I will be doing yoga and I hope to get in a walk or some cycling-for-fun as the sun is shining after some rainy days.

Wishing everyone a pleasant day. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts here – everyone is welcome. I also want to sent some mental support to who needs it 🌼