Yesterday "In the Kitchen" - Wednesday 10/6/21

Good day FB Foodies.

Yesterday I got off work a bit early. So, instead of lasagna, I made Vegetable Beef and barley soup. We have the stove going and it is getting much cooler at night. Bringing about a whole different landscape of seasonal foods. I took what you see in the image and made it into the one below.

Soup: Garden tomatoes, the last of the leftover ribeye steak in the fridge, white onion, carrots, celery, pearl barely, parsley, oregano, bay leaf, salt and pepper, and of course garlic. I also threw in a can of organic kidney beans (rinsed) and some beet tops. It turn out great and just what the doctor order for last night. Served it with some of the last toasted pitas from the freezer (will be making more on Saturday now).

What did/do you have going on "In the Kitchen?" Do you change your eating during the fall months? Post up and share all your successes and/or failures. Let's have some fun. Have a blessed and prosperous day!