Daily Check-in: Wednesday, October 6th

Hello, Blenders. How are you?

To go along with your Wednesday, here is a Common Day Flower. Not to be confused with the Whitemouth Day Flower which I have shared here before. They are similar, related even. But the common has smaller flowers, no white center petal, more low growing, broader leaves, and, well, more common. Its small bluish purple flowers last only for the day, hence the name. It has a few other names, particularly one I read that Australia calls it, Scurvy Weed. Not sure about the first part of that name, but it has been deemed a weed as it can spread so easily, but with its tiny blue and purple flowers, I can think of worse weeds.

Anyway, so what is your workout or rest or stretch or whatev today? I'm certainly in the stretching category with day 3 of the simply stretching challenge. Not sure if I want to add anything else. I'll see how I feel about that later on.

And how about some feel good real food? We grilled some pork loin steaks yesterday so I believe leftovers are in order with some veggie on the side. Sounds simply good to me.

Okay Blenders. I'm off to make something of the day. I hope your day goes as smoothie as it can. Oh and congrats to Otis for being the King of the Fat Bears 2021! Yay Otis! ..I'd eat some salmon to celebrate, but I just don't have any.

Have a good one guys.




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