Suggestions for the "workout videos" screen


As a happy (almost) everyday FB plus user I have a few suggestions for the "workout videos" screen.

It would be great to have 2 extra types of sorts:

- Times completed asc/desc: Get the video that you completed the most on top/bottom

- most recently completed asc/desc : Get the last completed video on top/bottom

The naming can probably be better, but I hope you get the point.

These sort options would be great for me, as I make my choice on a day to day base from videos grouped together by tags.

I have a tag for favorite upper body, another for fav core and one for fav lower body video's.

It's of course easy to remember which video you did last, but not at all possible in a simple/quick manner to determine which video you did longest ago. (you have to open each video, click on "dashboard", scroll down, look at the dates)

Besides that It would also be nice to be able to determine using a sort, which video you did the most.

Related to the sort of how many times you completed a certain video, It would be very nice to actually see in the "workout videos" screen, a field that indicated how many times you actually completed each video.

Thank you in advance !

Best regards,