Perspiration Pals October 5th, 2021

Hey there P Pals,

How are we doing today? Sorry about the late start to the thread. Two things happened --back to back meetings and I actually forgot 😶 But here I am now..

One of the meetings, was located, that is right, up on a hill, and the bus dropped us off happily far below. Just when I thought we are close and gave up walking, we found out Google was playing with our emotions and showed us the wrong route and we had a good amount of walking left to the meme...

Anyhoo, all's well, back to office now. Technically should be starting week 2 of Strong this evening, I hope I can..

What's up at your end? Do share, just a hello or more. We welcome everyone to these threads, please feel free to join us.

Thank you for checking in with me today.

Oh btw, will share in comments couple of pics from my short hike this weekend..