Week 39- goal evaluation / quarterly evaluation

The year only has 3 more months left. I started the year with these goals:

*Boulder all level 4 boulders with ease: level 3 with ease. Level 4 still requires some effort, which has a lot to do with my last goal in this list: overcoming fear. I would top a lot more boulders if I wasn’t so afraid of losing control and falling. I need to keep practicing. I am at level 4 in my boulder tracking app, but it is still quite difficult to keep it there.

-Be able to do 10 consecutive full body push-ups: have not been practicing this, so I doubt I can.. I do 8 on my knees and if I elvis lip it I might be able to do 10.

-Be able to do at least one (assisted) pull-up: with 3 resistance bands for assistance, I can do 1… I am going to try to do Daniels shoulder workout on a regular basis to train it at home

-improved finger grip: getting better, have not been actively training it for a while..

*Lose 8 kg slowly so it stays of (goalweight 67 kg)

-eat clean / healthy breakfast and lunch: going okayish.. Breakfast is fine, lunch is getting better.

-eat clean / healthy snacks: morning and afternoon: getting there, often fruit to reach my 2 pieces of fruit goal

-less bacon!: definitely going well..

All of this is going rather well, but 3 months ago I was at 69 kg and now I am up at 71/72 again. I do feel good though, so I try to focus on that.

*Flexibility: wide stance toe touch with both hands on the floor: can do it if I am not sore ;)

-improve flexibility of the psoas: stretching more often: not on a regular basis

*Assisted hand stance

-get over fear!! :) Like I said, this is the part that stalls my progress.. I can do one between walls (walking up the wall and then kicking my legs over to the other wall), but not against 1 wall.

-improved core strength: going okay

-improved arm strength: definitely getting stronger arms

I posted about my bouldering and armstrength yesterday: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/27817/nsv-shoulder-arm-strength-mindset

Did you make yearly or quarterly goals? And if so, how is it going? Next year I think I need to set less goals, or go back to them more often..

This week I focused on getting to bed on time. I went upstairs at least 30 minutes earlier than I did. It feels quite nice to get my 7 hours of sleep (I realised during my holiday that 7 hours is fine for me).

Projecting hard stuff at bouldering: I did and it was hard, but fun. What you do is, keep repeating the same problem until you’ve topped it. Sometimes I let my son make a video so I can see what I need to do differently, sometimes people give me tips. It feels so good topping a boulderproblem after a lot of attempts. It also makes for excellent training ;)

I have not trained my ankle yet, it is starting to feel better though.

The fruit goal did not go great this week.. I ordered tangerines for this week, so I think I will be okay..

Focus for this week:

*keeping up with my fruit goal

*I’ve planned my workouts for this week, 3 days have a longer workout or a few short ones combined to make a 30 minute workout. I want to do at least 1 longer one.

What are you doing this week?