6 month check in

I'm officially halfway through my goal of working out consistently for a full year. Woo hoo!

So far I've completed FB Strong, FB Abs, FB Blend, FB Flex (with my own lower body days in between), free styled for a month, and just completed FB Fit R3. This is the first time in 5(ish) years that I completed a 1000 calorie workout, so I'm pretty happy to say I completed it.

My progress is slowing down a bit, but in these 6 months I've lost 11.8lbs, 4" off of my waist, 2.5" off my belly, 3.5" off of my hips, 4" off of my chest, and 1" off of my legs and arms.

Monday I'm starting FB Abs R2. I'm really determined to make it through the holidays without giving up on working out. This is usually the time of year where I slowly start moving away from working out. Hopefully I can keep my motivation and make working out a thing I do consistently from now on!