Yesterday in the Kitchen - Friday Oct 1, 2021

Happy October fellow FB Foodies.

Hope everyone's week has been great and you have a fabulous weekend planned. Whether that is getting your grueling workouts in or just relaxing after a hard fought week. I for one am glad its Friday. Getting a new supervisor today that has no experience in my field. What? Well I do not have time to train him, so we will see how that goes. Now, off to the kitchen news.

Yesterday, "In the Kitchen," it was a lazy evening with lots of discussion between Storm and I about our days. So light and easy tuna melts on Organic English muffins. Made with celery, red onion, farm fresh hard boiled eggs, garden tomatoes, and a blend of Asiago and Parmesan cheese on top. They were very tasty.

What did/do you have going on "In the Kitchen?" Friends, family, cats, dogs, hamsters (Coby)? Post up and share with the rest of us your creative successes, or failures. We all learn from each other. Be spontaneous and try something new this weekend. Then let us know how it goes.

Have a blessed and prosperous weekend.