Snorkelling beauty… i just want to share again!

Last day at my friend’s place yesterday (pic in reply, house on the right). Very very very remote, no electricity, no internet…. But the surroundings so amazingly beautiful!

I just wanted to share this picture with you.

In spite of the rain we went snorkelling yesterday, not very long with sealoch water temp of 10 degrees. But I saw some real beauties, including this Lion’s Mane Jellyfish! This one was the size of a dinnerplate. I was filming it as well as trying to get out of its way. They do sting 😱! The day before we had paddleboarded and I had seen one the size of a dustbin lid…. I was glad I was on the board then and not in the water. Apparently I was very lucky to see these as they hadn’t been seen there for a long time! There were loads of beautiful tiny barnacles, a few sea urchins and lots of beautiful kelp and other seaweed. Also in replies: pic of us before going in, the tiny barnacles, kelp and a sea urchin (rather small, difficult to see) and the view from their window afterwards.

Feeling very blessed again….