Just finished FB Fit Round 3...

Literally just finished the 1000 cal workout at the end. I thought at the beginning I wouldn't make it through and had told myself I should break it up since I have to wake up early in the morning (doing my workouts in the evening after work), almost gave up at the halfway point of the strength section for that last one.. but kept on pushing just taking a few extra seconds to rest when needed. And..I made it all the way through! That cool down felt fantastic, and I believe that was my first 1000 cal workout I made it all the way through this year.

It can be done, where there's a will there's a way! Seeing Kelly push through though she mentioned it was her first strenuous one since recovery is what gave me the drive to stick it out I think. But now.. I'm not sure what to try next? Maybe FB Mass? Haven't tried it yet, but have seen everyone's comments about loving it.

Would love some feedback on that. Keep on keeping on y'all!