New PT-Led Workout - Foot/Ankle Series (Part 1): Foot Intrinsic Activation and Myofascial Release

Hello, FB family!

We sat down to create a highly requested video on the foot and ankle, and today’s workout is just the beginning.

Foot/Ankle Series (Part 1): Foot Intrinsic Activation and Myofascial Release

This series will introduce ways to activate the intrinsic muscles of the foot, strengthen the ankle, and improve your balance/proprioception. It’s intended to be done in order, especially since each workout will expand upon the concepts in the previous video. Need a reminder on why foot/ankle health is so important? Check out our latest article that was recently published, What Every Workout Enthusiast Should Know About Ankle Mobility.

A word of caution about this workout: You may not succeed in doing some of these exercises on your first, second, or even third try. Those who have a limited ability to activate the intrinsic foot muscles will certainly struggle on the activation component of the workout, like the Big Toe Extension/Bend and Toe Yoga Extension exercises. I encourage you to stick with it because consistency is the secret to strengthening the mind-body connection.

Speaking of mind-body connection, have you checked out the recent Expert articles from Haley and Candice? My current favorite is What is Radical Acceptance and How Can We Apply It to Health and Fitness. I find this perspective to be refreshingly honest and applicable to so many unhealthy mindsets that one can adopt about fitness and working out.

I am looking forward to creating Part 2 of this series, and we have a fun twist planned for Part 3. As always, I am grateful for the chance to work out with you, and I’ll see you on the screen.