Yesterday in the Kitchen - Last Day of September

Good last day of September everyone.

Hope all your adventures have been great ones and will continue to be. Yesterday "In the Kitchen," we got inspired by Sharon's Salmon. We did something similar.

Salmon on a bed of red cabbage and white onion with rice. In a hot pan, quickly sauteed the red cabbage for about 30 seconds in EVOO. Then, removed to a very, very low heat and laid the salmon fillets on top and covered. Fillets were seasoned with black pepper, garlic powder, sea salt, and smoked paprika. Rice was basmati with turmeric, garlic powder, black pepper, sage, shiitake mushroom, bell pepper.

The cabbage and salmon worked well together. What did you have happening "In the Kitchen" yesterday? Or, what's going on today? Remodeling, cooking for large group, or host family? Show us what you got. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Have a blessed and prosperous day!