New FB Plus Workout: 37-Min Single-Dumbbell Strength with Bodyweight Cardio Finishers

Good morning FB Family!

We’re already midway through the week! I’m so excited for my second workout release this week:

Single-Dumbbell Strength Circuit with Bodyweight Cardio AMRAP Finishers

This challenging but fully scalable workout is a great benchmark for both your strength and cardiovascular endurance. Make note of your weight selections during the strength circuit as well as your completed rounds during the AMRAP finishers to track your progress when you return to this workout in the future. The write-up contains several tips on how to best tackle the workout, goals for each segment of the workout (if you so choose to elect them), and alternative exercises for moves included in the strength circuit.

I rated this workout as a level 4, because if you complete the exercises as written at a moderate tempo (with little rest during the AMRAPs), you will experience it as a level 4. However, you can scale the workout to a level 3 by using the exercise alternatives and slowing down your pace if a level 3 workout is what you need on the day that you complete this workout.

Both of my workout releases this week contain overhead presses of some sort and it’s super tempting to want to pack on the load. After all, lifting makes us feel powerful and strong. Make sure you’re increasing your weight-load incrementally and safely! Reading Amanda’s new article on Rotator Cuff Basics: Stability and Motion reminded me that there’s always a balancing act between progress and safety. I also really enjoyed Kayla’s article on the ankle, What Every Workout Enthusiast Should Know About Ankle Mobility. I’ve been using all the expert articles to observe my movement patterns and provide feedback to myself during my workouts. I love putting what I learn into action!

I look forward to reading all your comments! The various nicknames and clever different ways of calling me evil crack me up. And encourage me to continue being evil. Just kidding!

Enjoy the workout!