So about three and a half months ago, I gave birth to a wonderful little girl. All throughout pregnancy, I gave my best to stay active and kept working out with fb. Thanks to the wide variety of workouts, that was super easy to do. I mostly stuck to low impact and strength training, interweaved with cardio and hiit here and there. Now, this girl is a super active little nugget. She's been able to hold her head for a good month already, learned to flip over onto her belly about two weeks ago and is now getting ready to start belly crawling. As this is our first child, we didn't think any of that was special at all, but everyone keeps telling us that she's well ahead of her age, at least motoric wise. Of course we're well aware that every kid has their own speed of development and she will probably lag behind in another area, but I can't help wonder whether being active during pregnancy got her so used to be on the move that she now keeps on moving herself... Well,one thing's for sure, it's a joy watching her explore the world around her!