Apple Cider Century

My favorite weekend of the year…Apple Cider Century in Three Oaks, MI USA! A century refers to 100 miles of a bike ride, but I don’t do that! My record is 35 miles.

This year, I pulled my 5 year old nephew in a trailer. It was so much harder! I made it 8 miles, then called my sister to come pick up her child and mine (mine was riding with my hubby!) So then even after I had no more added weight, my thighs were so dead to the world that I could only go another 8 miles. So 16 miles total this year!

We also climb the sand dunes every year. It only takes like 5 minutes for me, but climbing in sand is incredibly hard. So that 5 minutes of work was exhausting!

Next year, I plan on NOT taking any children. My dad and I plan to practice all summer and complete the 50 mile route.

Thanks, FB for keeping me strong!