Changing Diet to Lose Weight and Feel Better-Advice?

Hi Everyone,

I've noticed in the last two years that a few things were changing (I'm 43). I was having a hard time staying asleep at night and I was dealing with acid reflux a lot more frequently. I couldn't tell if one was causing the other, but after feeling miserable I decided to make some changes.

I decided to prioritize my rest by going to bed (no falling asleep on couch and no electronics). I also googled and read that the mediterranean diet is good for reducing acid reflux symptoms. I must admit that I feel so much better after only three weeks of trying to follow that eating approach. And, I'm sleeping so much better.

My one complaint and this is where I need advice is that I'm not losing weight. I gained 15 pounds during the early days of the pandemic and I don't feel good in my body with it. I enjoy the foods a lot on the Mediterranean diet, but could I still be overeating? I do tend to have dessert or a bit of wine on the weekends. Yet, I"m hoping that by trying to eat more whole foods that this will lead to weight loss.

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!