Wild Food Weekend

This past weekend I attended the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival. I’ve been going since 2016 but it was canceled last year. That made this year even more exciting, and it really felt like a family reunion.

For the entire weekend we had the pleasure of eating amazing food made by the Forager Chef. Everything was created using wild harvested foods. I always feel so good and refreshed from the food and the classes each year.

This year after the event was over on Sunday I had plans with family to go out for dinner. The change in food and how I felt was very telling. I expected it would be different to an extent but I certainly felt more bloated and overall crumby.

Food is important. Eating true full foods makes an amazing difference even over a short period of time. Don’t think this limits the possibilities. It is quite the opposite. There is a whole new world when you start using more whole and wild foods. This dessert is a delicious example of something that was made for us this weekend using whole and wild foods.

Pay attention to how you truly feel after you eat anything. What is your body trying to tell you?